Camp Fire Rules and Safety Information

Only wood provided by the farm is to be used in camp fires

Our main concern is of health and safety. Most of the wood treatments used over the last 50 years have contained poisonous chemicals, the most popular being ARSENIC. When this timber is burnt the poison is liberated into the atmosphere, to be breathed in by the nearby population. People renovating their homes may have floor boards or old furniture to dispose of, these contain nails or screws or sharp pieces of metal. As Britchcombe is a working farm, with cattle and sheep as well as the natural wildlife of this area, they can become impaled on these spikes and suffer pain and distress.

The size of the fire is of concern to us. We advise a fire no bigger that 18 inches square. Very few of our urban cousins will have experience of open fires, their children less so. A large fire made from floor boards, scrap timber or large branches could be run into by children with no understanding of the dangers, sadly this is a common occurrence during the November Bonfire season each year. A child running into a small fire, would, with luck tumble over it and roll away, our wood blocks are small and make it easy to have a small safer fire.

We buy seasoned logs from Country Logs Ltd. from Aldbourne, Wiltshire. They specialize in supplying logs created by the maintenance of deciduous woodlands. As a forest develops, some trees need to thinned out to allow the remaining more light and space to grow to maturity, our logs come from these thinning's. They arrive in bulk and are bagged by hand and delivered to you.

We do not allow visitors to enter our woodland, or that of our neighbors to fell trees to burn on a campfire. The fee of £8 per night does not include a right to fell timber.

Important Any person cutting trees or equipped to cut trees will be expelled from the Farm with no refund